The Share window of Publ. Now the order remains correct. For better publication performance, traffic quota has been enabled on Publ. The way flipping is performed for Magazine, Catalog, and Book project types has been improved. Many minor improvements and bug fixes.

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Flippingbook publisher 2.4 for device fonts allowing to use any fonts, installed by a user, in publications. Grunge, Nature, Jeans or Coffee – complement your publication with one of these tunes. Google Analytics tracking has been improved, and all the events on pages are now tied to the page number. An occasional error appearing when text is being extracted from a PDF has been fixed. The displayed total number of pages on the upper panel of the publication can now be disabled.

In a multi-level Table of Contents each new level shifted further to the right, which caused the table to display incorrectly. Now your readers can add notes directly to publication pages.

For telephone numbers, there are fewer false detections, and a greater variety of telephone numbers is supported. Previously, the book slid down and covered the Bottom Menu when the Top Bar was hidden.


Cast your white pulbisher to rescue the fallen pieces back to the light! The “Loop Slideshow” parameter has been added. You can now customize the preloader for Flash versions of your publications.

Now FlippingBook Publisher has a signed certificate which guarantees its safety and confirms its flippingbook publisher 2.4. Now the embedded video can be played right on the page of the publication!

FlippingBook Publisher 2.4.37 Details

The Hong Kong dollar sign in E-Commerce shop settings is now correct. So if you experience this issue, please, update your publications. Text highlighting in search results has been refined.

Interactive elements on the page have got a new highlight mode.

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The ‘Copyright Button Target’ parameter has flippingbokk added. PDF files containing transparent text are imported correctly. An interactive Full Screen is now available. Old projects will automatically get a new icon and extension when you open them with the latest version of FlippingBook Publisher. A rare bug of thumbnail displaying has been fixed.

Now it only affects the look without changing publication settings. United States Change Language: Would you like to receive announcements of new versions of your software by email or by RSS reader?

A rare bug of updating publications on Publ.


Page order reversing is available for the selected pages and for the entire publication. The bug seen when converting some old projects and skins has been fixed. Many minor bugs have been fixed. The rare bug that caused pagination errors in search results has been fixed. You can set relative URLs for the copyright button flippingbook publisher 2.4 the background logo in a publication.

The default value of “Background Sound” parameter is empty now. Learn more Zooming FlippingBook Publisher offers high-quality magnification features, which allow your readers to zoom in on desired photos and print with exceptional quality.

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The ‘Set as First Page’ item in the context menu of a page in the Pages browser has been added. The rare bug with saving projects to Desktop folder has been fixed. Freeware 20 Jul 2.