Gus G has been among the busiest guitarists in the trade, and for very good reason given his exceptional chops, which are on full display throughout this album. Power metal is quite literally a mainstream genre throughout much of Europe, but here in the U. He is even more pumped up than he has been before, and the composition of the solos are much more interesting than in the two previous efforts, not sure if this is product of playing with Ozzy or of the experience in making this type of metal, but it’s really good he got into this way of playing. I like the fact they went back into instrumentals with this album, since the last time they did one was on Allegiance, and it was really short “Before the Storm”, for reference. I hope that helps. Cactupuss October 27th 52 Comments.

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Despite this, he is able to show off his talent much more than before, and his playing sounds more skilled as well. Forewind Staff Reviewer October 27th Comments.

Days Of Defiance / Ltd. Edition

SomethingSimilar November 25th 57 Comments. Firewind have released another strong album, which gets fireaind the shortcomings of European power metal for the most part. Overall, a quite balanced album without weaknesses, which is definetly going to please you, especially if you liked “The Allegiance” or “The Premonition”.

What is a welcome defianve is the presence of some speedy European-style power metal, something Firewind have been gradually edging away from over the years. That is just a cute little sideshow to the other 2 extra original songs though. Basically, their way of playing went much closer with their power metal side than it was before There are also old Firewind elements in here.


As always, Firewind do what they know best, what they have been doing since their current formation. To start, firewind days of defiance five members of the band play equally important roles.

Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. It is true that at first, the impressions weren’t so good. This is the most power metal can offer to its fans.

The vocals are just barely over the top, day the keyboards rarely take the lead but see keyboard interlude “The Departure” or the intro and outro to “Embrace the Sun”. If you’re beholden to this style, then there are blazers well worth experiencing, and on the whole it simply doesn’t disappoint. Most already know how genius he is anyway. I grew out of these guys. Originally written for The Offering www.

Firewind – Days Of Defiance / Ltd. Edition

Greek power metal stalwarts Firewind have been one of the best-known power metal bands for quite a few years among American metalheads, anyway. On the other hand, “The Ark of Lies” is a great opener for the album, firewind days of defiance a calm acoustic intro and a storm of riffs that follows and acclimatizes us for the rest. The beloved heavy, down-tuned and distorted guitars are in here as always, backing up with the riffs that are just like they have always been.

FullMetalAttorneyDecember 13th, Power-chord patterns that have been used before are back, just to remember the old Firewind, and there’s even some old-school guitar playing in here. Still, the tracklist is geared a tad too much toward ballads for the average American trve metal crowd, with “Kill in the Name of Love” being the biggest crime. Sincerely, it’s the first time I can find Petros playing, and he does a worthy job, nice bass patterns, and good structures for the songs to go on properly.


It is also held as a rhythmic instrument in “Broken”. There are some tracks that are worth mentioning for standing out.

As for the guitar work, they frequent much more the usage of the acoustic guitar, an element that has been around for long in Firewind but had become more present in the recent albums see Daays “Deliverance”but in “Days of Defiance” it is shining in three songs out of thirteen, a relatively high cipher in comparison to previous endeavors of the band.

Here’s an example of what I am trying to convey: The abandonment of this style has been part of the reason Firewind have slipped down the list of my favourite bands somewhat in recent years, and hearing them in joyous, double-bass-hammering full flight again like this is a heartening experience.

Firewind – Days of Defiance – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Very few are says to the point that they become infectious and rattle around in the skull until you can listen to them again and meet sweet release. Fortunate that it all fuses together so well. Poet November 6th Comments. It is what should be named the ballad of the album. Scoot November 5th Comments. Among other new elements in “Days of Defiance” is the keyboard.

I consider it to be important because of the presence of the acoustic guitar and its predominance along the whole firewind days of defiance.