Sebi on Dec , 12 , Thank you very much: JR on Aug , 4 , If you use it be kind and include the licenseurl in the CSS file like I did on this site. There is only one style. I used it on my portfolio website http:

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This license can also be found at this permalink: WillowsWhimsy on Dec29 Jo on Jan25 Magnus Cederholm License v1.

FFF Tusj Bold – free font download on

Do you have fontrendering set to smooth? If the font supports a particular language, it will appear in the menu. Brooke on May24 Fff tusj your are, but I do not recommend using a 1MB font like Tusj for css font-embedding. My profiles Dribbble Flickr LinkedIn. The title sequence will be of people writing out DOX in the air with a flashlight.

I use Font Explorer X and it works great for me. Danyal on Aug16 Beautiful font, love it: Do you have any idea what could fff tusj causing this? Hi Sarah I have never tried this font with Word so I have no idea what might be wrong.


Most people who have the bold problem use apps like Word and Pages. Hey Magnus, Just wanted to let you know that my app launched today.

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I hope you like it: Magnus on Jul16 D But, am i allowed to embet it to my website? Jamie on Sep22 I tried downloading it from dafont and directly from this dff, but both only resulted in the bold font, not the regular one. The design is final but some of the fff tusj is incomplete.

We would like to use it in the design of our products, is that permitted? Dee Jay on Feb24 The font rendering was set to Sharp, now it works! I have updated fff tusj info in this post, so if they utsj to use my font it will be a violation of the license.

FFF Tusj Font Download

Great job on the font! Are fff tusj aware of any issues with this? Thanks in advance and again, really nice job! I thought it was just a problem with my old Mac but I just purchased a new mac and am having the same problem. Thomas Cosby Jr on Nov11 Hi, which tusk is the font-family for a CSS file? Vic on Jun10tisj Good luck with your rep fff tusj the font: I can recommend a simpler font called karabine, it might do the job better.