Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The film was soon retitled En Swasa Kaatre and was rumoured to be partially based on the Mission Impossible films. Rahman suggested to his friends to instate K. The song “Jumbalakka” was reused in Thakshak , with male vocalist replaced by Shankar Mahadevan. He is working on to make Melodybuzz one of the best website related to entertainment. The film became Arvind Swamy ‘s final Tamil film in a leading role before his retirement, with the much-delayed Sasanam releasing in How Arun chooses between his family and love forms the crux of the story.

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Views Read Edit View history. When he meets Madhu Isha ,aatre whom he fancies, he wishes to turn over a new leaf. En Swasa Kaatre En Swasa Katrae Singers: The film did average commercial business and was later dubbed and released into Telugu as Premante Pranamistha.

The film was produced by newcomers R. Isha Koppikar Music By: Meka Sandeep popularly known as Sandy is an Administrator of Melodybuzz which deals everything related to Indian Cinema. And the same goes for Prakash Raj. Retrieved from ” https: Unni KrishnanK. Kaatre Sreeram, Harini, Anupama. Chinna Chinna Mazhai Thuligal Singers: Breath of My Life is a Tamil romantic film written and directed by K.


En Swasa Kaatre Bgm HD Download

If You want more information regarding this movie. Sait and Ansar Ali, friends en swasa kaatre bgm the film’s music director A. This movie includes Six audio tracks which has listed as below: The film was soon retitled En Swasa Kaatre and was rumoured to be partially based on the Mission Impossible films.

En Swasa Kaatre Release Date: The film was also delayed due to a swxsa between Arvind Swamy and Nikaba Films, the producers. A seemingly down-to-earth guy Arun Arvind Swamy leads a life of a computer hacker by day and thief by night.

En Swasa Kaatre

The film opened in February to mixed reviews and average collections. He subsequently recommended her to his friend K. How Arun chooses between his family and love forms the crux of the story.

En Swasa Kaatre movies involve different stages to complete. Sait and Anwar Ali’s Love Letterwith speculation suggesting that Rahman was producing this film along with his friends. The completion process involves a number of separate stages, including an initial story, idea, or commission, through scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing, and screening.

In this process producer hires a crew depending on the budget of the movie. Parts of the song “En Swasa Katre” are syncopated as en swasa kaatre bgm Carnatik music compositions. Rahman Indian crime films Indian action thriller films Ngm featuring an item number Tamil-language films dubbed in Telugu.


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In pre-production, creating the En Kaarte Kaatre movie is carefully designed and planned. Gossip from the southern film industry”. These are typical crew positions for En Swasa Kaatre movie Such en swasa kaatre bgm Storyboard artist, Director, Assistant directorUnit production manager, Location manager, Production designer, Art director, Costume designer, Casting director, Choreographer, Director of photography, Director of audiography, Production sound mixer, Sound designer, Composer.

The Distribution of the movie was done by. Ravi to cast her in En Swasa Kaatre. Prakash Kaate hams his way through another over the top performance.