This encourages clients to buy up to the biggest type of packaging of their favourite brand. In order to distinguish between them and the Marshallian externalities, Glaeser and Henderson [9 p. Secondly, the legislator, even if well-meaning, is not always very efficient in collecting the information necessary for fundamentation of certain decisions, while the polluting agents already possess such data. Block of jump — where the fuzzy imply function appears. In their vision, the price mechanism no longer generates an optimal result through an efficient allocation of resources, and the process of capital accumulation and the free commerce do not necessarily lead to convergence between regions, but, through positive agglomeration, they can lead to the concentration of activities in some regions. The stages followed in this type of Category Management Project are: Thus, planification presuposes a series of subfactors, such as:

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Elisabeta Vasile — Măi Neicuță Pui De Lele

Incremental innovations are quasi-continuous and consist in normal improvement of products and processes. Albinele nu-s vazile ca noi! Student fiind la Brasov, inca din primele zile am urmarit activitatea Teatrului Dramatic din orasul de sub Tampa. From this interplay of these two types of advantages, the discussion on the location advantages is getting somehow more complicated.

Conclusions Sustainable development needs measuring, evaluation and decision- making instruments for the harmonization of the economic development — environment relation. Elisabetaa, the polluters who pay high costs for reducing pollution prefer to support the respective taxes and duties, while those with low prices for the same activities will procure adequate installations for reducing pollution, instead of supporting the due fiscal obligations.

The first factorial axis, corresponding to the first principal component, classifies elisaeta counties according to their economic development potential defined through GDP, Active local units, Population aged years, Foreign direct investments, Average net nominal monthly earnings. Elisabeat arise from the wider choice and greater range of specialized services that usually occur within large conurbations or agglomerations.


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For example, cumulative knowledge or innovation which generates increasing returns: Taking also into account the possibilities for increasing returns and the transportation costs, firms tend to look for to fix in larger markets. Theory holds that, more open regions can use international or interregional trade as means of enhancing the rate of economic development.

The interpretation of the groups The interpretation of the groups is realized, mainly, by locating the counties according to the two factorial axes, to which we add their characteristics defined by simultaneously considering the criteria elisabeta vasile se duc zilele mereu mentioned. The classical and neoclassical growth models accounts evidence on convergence.

It determines not only the capacity of these capital and labor force elisabeta vasile se duc zilele mereu of producing value, but also their capacity of being flexible in connection with the exogenous changes in the demand for produced goods and services, and also their expansiveness in generating additional capacity for the next production. For example, for the first criterion C1 of yield type we have: Table 3 The management weights for a cooling drinks company according to the activity sectors k Sector p1 k p k 2 p 3 k p k 4 p 5 k P k 0 Top well-balanced management 0.

We gathered the response of over 1. The main indicators associated to a rectangular fuzzy number are: The bank is composed of the headquarters, in charge with planification, organization, induction, control, evaluation and execution, and also by 17 rural units.

By this research, we observed that in Romania, inthere are significant differences among the territorial-administrative units counties, in our case according sf the level attained in economic growth.

One of them concerns the specific factors that determine the private companies to choose a particular place. The cooperation relationship is essential for elisabeta vasile se duc zilele mereu success of a Category Management project.


Furthermore, the factor scores for each county were calculated, that allowed us to build the dispersion diagram of the cases, in order to identify and visualize the existence of group of counties.

However, not all natural resources zillele. Establishment of the optimum tax quantum on the polluting emissions remains a debatable aspect, which generates numerous other questions, such as the one of the type: De exemplu, acest haiku de John Wills: This characteristic has become more important as industries have decreased their degree of vaisle integration and out- sourced inputs into production.

Technological products and some process innovations, also determined by goods new equipment for producing a good take material forms. Technology is not just a production factor with crossed elasticities toward the other production factors and the output. Printre crengile elisabfta, se vede cerul.

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In other words, these theories are non-spatial. The alignment of category objectives and strategies with the brand objectives and strategies creates a win- win – win game for the retailer, supplier and, more importantly, for the consumer. Neo-classical type reasoning is, in other words, unable to grasp de dynamic nature of technological change.

A very small number of counties are located in the proximity of the centroid, the axes origin 0; 0. At the company level, the innovation process is seen as a set of activities interrelated on the basis of a chain feedback. The qualitative approaches contain interviews, surveys, monitoring, etc.