I’m not dyslexic I think but I use the font. It’s probably my favourite meme. The article states that it doesn’t help and that it’s best to use learning techniques. Thank you for making my day. I don’t know if it’s just me but that seems harder to read than normal fonts.

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You have to buy it through their website. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It’s not a free font.

It’s really close to the same thing in use for those with learning disabilities. It can make them more usable to regular.tttf general population.


Common fonts you can find that are dyslexic friendly: It is according to this article, anyway: Not a good example, imho. So, if I’m just using the font for home stuff, what are they going to do to me in a year to make sure I’ve dyslexie regular.ttf paid them or deleted the font from my drive?

Doesn’t work all the time and can mess up the formatting a little from the extra space, but it works pretty well. Normally when I reading have an internal flow, but not with that font. It seems that q is replaced with a tiny Q to avoid confusion with pbut dyslexie regular.ttf and d remain.

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It is according to this article, anyway:. To go slower is actually harder and requires more effort, and I find it hard to get in the groove. And here’s one more with a bit easier prose.

Open-Dyslexic Font |

The space between letter pairs is called kerning. Or, since they load it right in your web browser, you could just save it. Want to add to the discussion? Mine is a tad brisk.

Dyslexie Font – Home

We take all the picture submissions from the main sub and post them there! Reguoar.ttf need neutral-looking letters. I take more time reading the words and directly inputting it, unlike when I read another font where I rregular.ttf skim over the word where the brain processes it for me and then feeds what I’ve just read. Tools dyslexie regular.ttf essential and offer various solutions, however sustainable progress start dyslexie regular.ttf knowledge, understanding and recognition.

I want to see it tried on a group rrgular.ttf USA adults who already have had dyslexia training. We are active and will respond as soon as possible. For me I read slower with this font. Looks like people have posted it and reposted it before. Here’s an article summarizing the study: For me it read more out of rhythm than normal fonts.



So what about lowercase b and d? The article states that it doesn’t help and that it’s best to use learning techniques. Compare “distance” and “between” on the left side, 6 and 7 lines up from the bottom. I usually read pretty fast but this made me slow down. I’ve never been diagnosed with dyslexia and have no real reason to think I have it, but this font is like setting the difficulty level of dyslexie regular.ttf to “large size picture book for preschoolers” and Dyslexie regular.ttf want I for all my things.

Not to knock it but the study says it was done with Dutch student. I’m not dyslexic I think but I use the font.