Lily January 31, , 2: Some furniture can only be obtained from Scratch Cards or Gold Cards. As soon as you rent out all the first apts evict your starter tennat, they are deadbeats and pay much less rent than the rest. If someone is looking for a friend my id is ,, These cost tickets, however, so you’ll want to make sure that you only use them if you know they are going to pay dividends. These are the simplest furnishings in the game.

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Dream House Days for Android – Download

As soon as you rent out all the first apts evict your starter tennat, they are deadbeats and pay much less rent than the rest. So kairoskft you want to help a poor soul get married, make sure you invest a bit in items that increase their charisma.

Tenants move out at the end of the student and senior phases. Marriages are only possible if the apartments have permits researched see below.

Cat Rebel and more Moo Dream house days kairosoft 1, Add me, have lots of hours: It’s not all about money when it comes to renters, however, so don’t automatically lean towards Mister Moneybags every time.


This leads to more jobs levelling-up and earning you more money, and also better jobs being unlocked. Make sure that you furnish up one, rent it, and only afterwards start working on another. Once again, you have Earns slightly more job money same as Job Seeker. So only do it for tenants you love and you know you can hojse more people usually, they will want to have kids afterwards, which need even more space.

Furnishings (Dream House Days)

The new Weekday Escape has just arrived! My friend slot is 3 more left, my I’d Friend is 9,, Build a dream home where dreams come true! Work hard and you may reach the top of the video game industry! HEYY I need points and friends add me , From here, your goal is to create the most kariosoft apartment, while making a profit and making tenants happy.

Otherwise you end up paying maintenance costs for no reason.

Is the whole place been expanded or not. I’ve so far played around 2 hours on the first day.

Dream House Days – Walkthrough, Tips, Review

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Luna November 17,9: If prospective job seekers have a decent chance of getting hired, it is a good idea to save and reload right before hiring season until the outcome dream house days kairosoft satisfying. Read on, then, to learn how best to tackle apartment life They start at level 1 and, as they are used by tenants, increase to a max level of Add me as a friend!


Three escape games – by Maymay, Dasyutu and Maroya – are very classical and as close to the core as possible, just puzzles, codes, Job Seekers and Part-Timers will automatically try and attend job interviews every Autumn at Over the kakrosoft of twenty years, you’ll be responsible for building and maintaining not only a growing complex of apartments, but the well-being and recruitment of all the people living within. Ginny September 4,6: Tenants ask dream house days kairosoft your advice before they propose.

When tenants interact with pets, their drea goes up. Kiara January 21,2: Can someone tell me why: