But I know that it was not destiny; it was a series of decisions each of us made. A lot of tv panel support 60 Hz. I agree, it just makes things to confusing to less savvy people You all really need to get your act together or people won’t purchase software from you when it’s easier to download and get working a pirated version. Fixed the misbehaving Apply button in color planes shift dialog in the renderer. Better late then never, the christmas edition is out: Intel’s compiler has no problem with it.

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In any case, support for large MV could be made optional and there could be two different code paths. Even with deblocking disabled. It installed fine but again it failed to register. Xvid itself is an encoder, and what does one encoder has to do with the other? I am having problems with playing back H.

How to use MPC + CoreAVC to play .MKV files? – VideoHelp Forum

I just checked – both 1. I’m surprised you don’t suffer the “20fps locked” bug with this version. Doing a simple recompilation of your existing code with a professkonal compiler shouldn’t be a major issue, unless you are using Mingw-W64, and in that case, maybe supporting that project would be the best option.


D Merry Christmas to everyone out there. Either bkman has an older build of x and doesn’t know it.

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So my requests, that are 3 in order of importance. Short answer is yes. If you just continue to support it, then people will continue to make non-standard compliant streams why stop doing the creavc you’ve always known when it works? I’m beginning to think the issue is with CoreAVC. Definitely a lot faster, the lag in opening a folder coreavc professional 1.6.5 gone.

The renderer however does not skip frames. If it would said something 1.65 about serial or registration I could of contacted support sooner and been most likely back in business without almost destroying my entire setup. I use FFDshow fileters instead, and they work well!! OSD support ffdshow syle Additional built in filters 4 Also additional results that you might think important to improving users experiences when using the codec.

There won’t be a run coreavc professional 1.6.5 create out of spec files.

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Actually I wish I had not bothered even buying it. I was talking about the HD card. All times are GMT CoreAVC focuses on effeciency. And it only works with streams encoded to Level 4. Because of this, I need to use a 64bit H.


coreavc professional 1.6.5

By the way, in Vista, when you are running an account that quote “is an Administrator”, you still don’t have full priveleges – do a web search for Vista Super Administrator. A little OT Request for Core developers.

Shouldn’t cost them much time and some people might value such a decoder collection. Hello, I professiobal trying to convert coreavc professional 1.6.5 IronMan trailer that is in h. Neuron2 just told everyone to quit trolling, the issue is raised and Betaboy’s already assured us it’ll be taken coreavc professional 1.6.5 of whenever the next release is. The problem being that CoreAVC cannot handle those type of encodes.

The likely cause for such a CPU condition started with the 1. On earlier GPUs, some decoders skipped deblocking because it slowed down hardware decoding too much either because of drivers or the hardware itself. The workshop will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, Jan.