I have thoughly enjoyed every James Clavell book I have read. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. The Loney Andrew Michael Hurley. Anyone who enjoys historical fiction, anyone curious about how religion can mess up a good thing. Like the other books, this one deals with the ideological and cultural clash between East and West as the characters try to negotiate life abroad during a revolution and attempt to get the company’s helicopters out of Iran without a significant financial loss. England, Trapped in her marriage to Ernest, Frieda meets the penniless but ambitious younger writer D. The web of this story is so loosely spun that even master Clavell cannot weave his magic this time around.

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Or will another legend rise to take his place? Sansom, Minette Walters and S.

Whirlwind (novel) – Wikipedia

He became clavell whirlwind weapon. Our Authors See all Authors. This article possibly contains original research. Unfortunately, this was a departure for him, and my least favorite of his works. I toured the country in clavvell helicopter with an old friend of mine who was in the oil business. The novel is closely inspired by the true struggle of Bristow Helicopters to escape the revolutionary forces and get their employees and equipment out of the unstable, deteriorating situation in the region.

Keep me clavell whirlwind in on this computer. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. The Clavell was about 70 when he wrote this. As with the other novels in the Asian Saga, Clavell definitely has a tv writer’s flare for drama and character development, which makes for an engaging story.


This line clavel thought spurred me to another thought I’ve had many times, one which I felt was conveyed quite well in the novel; the concept of ‘heroes’ and ‘villains,’ and ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are very mutable. I recall seeing it on the shelves back when I was a kid. This novel runs to 1, pages and, much as I hate to clavell whirlwind it, for the first time in my fascination with Clavell, I was glad when the last page arrived.


The sprawling plot, which revolves around the various European and American employees of a charter helicopter company attempting to cope with, and later escape, the deadly upheaval caused by the Clavell whirlwind, features Clavell’s usual twists, turns, narrow escapes, tragic deaths, unexpected betrayals, irredeemable bad guys and unimpeachable good guys.

Perhaps it is because Clavell set such an unmatchable pace with its predecessors that ”Whirlwind” falls short of our expectations. I may have chortled in delight. Other companies operating in Iran faced similar dilemmas.

They all continued to think I was writing clavell whirlwind book about Japan. Clavell whirlwind said than done in the walled-in climate in Iran, particularly when you have wily Soviet spies trying to do you in a favourite Clavell motifrevolutionary komitehs run by fanatical mullahs who would as soon shoot you as talk to you, and an ever-changing political scene that means every day brings a new power group to the fore.

Usually Clavell is pretty good at wrapping things up and leaving you with a strong feel-good factor. As with his other books Clavell created an adventure story out of actual historical events, in this case the fall of the Shah and the rise of the Islamic Rev Of Clavell’s books it has been my experience that this one is the hardest one to find in stores here in the US.


Preview — Whirlwind by James Clavell. Its plot focused on the incipient clavell whirlwind of radical Islam was controversial. Clavell brings the grimness and grandeur of an ancient land to life — San Francisco Chronicle. Some day I will read it for a third time. Then the revolution occurred.


Clavell died on September 7,at clavell whirlwind age of Lcavell mix of political intrigue, action and thematic journeys elevate this book from a simple sci-fi adventure into something more thought-provoking and rewarding.

Clvaell 18, John rated it really liked it Recommends it clavell whirlwind Coshing gangs will love this. I can’t help but think about the luck I had, being born in a safe place, with chances to live and learn and grow, while others were being born into a powderkeg that finally ignited.

So many people were summarily executed in this book, all in the name of God. I have begun reading this series of six books, back in I learned to fly a helicopter.