Farm Trophy to Titan. It gives the best experience, game play and excitement in Clash of Clans. Added 8 new attack algorithm 8. This way we can easily take suggestions from the community and implement them within a few days. There is 1-to-1 support by email and TeamViewer. Unlike many other bots out there, our bot is open sourced.

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In the future, our developers will work on implementing attack algorithms such as GoWipe or LavaLoonion. You have a bot to PLAY. I used Vero Bot from Queen level 10 and it really helped me.

Vero – Clash of Clans Bot 2015

Farm k dark elixir per day with no gem boost. With the Clash of Clans Bot, Vero will maximize your resource in 5 hours. I get 50k DE per day. Get your copy now from the website. We have stopped Vero on mobile devices. With Vero Bot, you will get clashbot for mac maximum wall, maximum defense and a king and queen at level No more server offline message 8. For Macs, this is different.


So what are you waiting for?

Now Vero support Fo troop 8. I used Vero to play Clash of Clans. ETA Bug fix and implement functions. Ready to try out our Amazing Bot? Want the spectacular highest wall level 11? Automate buildind base layout base on your settings 9.

Vero – Clash of Clans Bot

Busy with my kid and job! Jamie Morris I use Vero Bot to help me upgrade my wall. Powered by Vero – Clash of Clans Bot. Get it now, free forever.

This way we can easily take suggestions from the community and implement them within a few days. This bot can automatically donate your troops to a friend in your clan. Vero Clash of Clans Bot on Mac. Switch account now automate detect available troops for different hall.

ParrotBot for Mac os

The bot makes farming easy, and you can enjoy the clan wars. The bot will search for you. Run multiple account with Vero What News? We do this because we want to further assure you that your account is safe and further legitimize the bot.


There are many Clash of Clans bots out there, but what sets us apart from every other bot is we are open sourced. Vero Bot help me get hall 8, with full defense in 1 months.

CoC Bot Mac – ParrotBot

With a development team of proactive developers we can guarantee you the best experience. It tor because of this that you will know for a fact your account clashbot for mac safe. Sheer Features Not only does this bot provide you with over free features, but new features are being constantly added all of the time.