It shows every kill on the server killer and victim with the weapon and headshot when it occured. I know you think I suck so I am crying. Here is the detail on that sever. If you are the owner of this server and would like to stream to us please fill out an account application located here. You might want to catch me over the weekend when my drug and alcohol fueled partying may make me more inclined to believe you. S anyone know of a download link for it?

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I don’t use any hacks or macros but you can quickly spot the people who bax. If you demand to be banned from other games using different versions of the source engine, contact support and they might do it for you, until then you will have to be satisfied with just being banned from one game for having cheat engine running.

I thought VAC bans banned you from all games that used the same engine? :: VAC Discussion

There are however a ton of people using no recoil macros on their mice. I’m just showing what a terrible career cheater you are. Or maybe they felt comfortable to use there cheat because yax lot of others were. But it’s doubtful all the Columbian Dancing Powder in the world could make me so stupid as to believe that.


As a result the shoutbox will be disabled for 48 hours.

About 2, results 0. I won’t say i haven’t seen any cheaters, but there arent nearly as many as people say there kw2. So 32 have been banned today so far catalyst hax mw2 aimbot lets assume K current players is right, then that’s 0.

I don’t need to ‘prove’ anything. Nope, not at all. Are you the publisher? Now this all assumes that the 22, banned hackers is a constant and equal daily volume over the lifetime ccatalyst the game days.

Catalyst-Hax News

He has come out of retirement at 21 lol and going to help us with being a Moderator. He was with this site way back when Ry 1st started it and I was around at that time as well. Browsing All Articles Articles. Many of you have seen him or spoke nw2 him in Teamspeak. Find free aimbots, cheats and trainers here! We know it is not.

Selling MW2 Private Nametags hack and Aimbot

Like the one I posted about. Our prices start at just This has led to some confusion as to why CS: Searches related to BF3 hack bf3 aimbot bf3 hack ps3 bf3 hack review aiimbot hack xbox bf3 hack detection bf3 hack detector bf3 hack dll bf3 hack sites 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Dude, check your facts There’s only 3.


Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. PB bans about 50 players a day. Please note that this and any other posts on site after this point may not be moved onto the cloud. If you need to cheat through hacks or macros then there’s something wrong in your life somewhere run to mommy now and ask for a hug.

I would like to take a moment to welcome Xgamer to our Tech Support Staff. New features have been added to Battlefield 3! Because on some other hack sites, there catalyst hax mw2 aimbot is down? It’s not at all possible millions of legit people are just curious how people can hack. And your actions show a very consistent behavior.

Yes Personally if I think someone is using ESP or aimbots I just add them to the radar a pretty short list actually and don’t play with them. I can tell you because I got Fact is that I’ve never hacked on any VAC secure server on this account.