They still didn’t show in CTU after that. I have no clue what to do with it right now. There is a whole list of these in there. This is not a creation tutorial , so do not expect to specifically learn how to edit, modify or design textures from reading this. In the mesh tab of CTU, I changed the name to a custom name and uploaded my simgeom file as lod1. He really is trying to deal with all of this. Ok I’ll do that right away, at least I know what the problem is now, thanks fluttereyes:

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Texfure didn’t rely only on the preview in CTU – I did try the costume makeup overlay in-game as well, and it came out the same – an all-white tiger mask!

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I don’t have new LOD’s for this dress, so I don’t need to put in the ones that are already there as part of the dress. Is it possible to add caas LOD0 input in texturs next version?

When I open the program, it lets me edit the first hair and save it without problems. I just tried the exact same thing with a sock and it works perfectly. For a full, complete guide to downloading complete with pictures cas texture unitool more information, see: I can see that it is partially de bumped.


I got this error: I really was hoping that this program would allow me to make a nude outfit for the Lara body shape. I’m sure he’s working on it.

It’s just the 3D thing that’s not working but the rest of it works fine. Load up the game and go to create a sim 3. Hey where do I save this to? Cas texture unitool the TGI Ref 00 to read the same as your new bumpmap. I created 2 nWo shirts from the old WCW days using Delphy’s tool, then I tried what you suggested before you suggested it anyway, and then to test it completely I deleted the nWo Shirts.

I’ll watch for it.

We already can edit the morphs but i cant figure out how to attache them to a non replacement package. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the work Delphy has done is a selfish. Maybe if someone was to remove irrelevant stuff like this you would see the posts of us folks who are trying to get help or give feedback. Guess I am stuck using 1. This is already cas texture unitool in the dev texgure I have here, which I’ll release tommorow: D And lastly, this tool made it possible to become a great creator, in fact, it has given everyone a good shot at making something on their own.

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I managed to get rid of everything on this, it’s the cocktail dress with out necklace. Lol, delphy, it wasn’t that one I was using, that was freedom, think that was using that. When you first start the program it will always say the 3d nuitool is not initialised – this is becuase there is no 3d model loaded. Page 1 of cas texture unitool So I have to close the program.

Do not use 8. We really can’t ttexture things when we don’t know whats going on. Delphy has fexture pegged to a tee.

New Sims 3 Tool (Beta) – Delphy’s CAS Texture Unitool

Sometimes the 3D view just says “3D view not initialised”, yet it is. I do not have anything running that would use these files at the time. But when I tried the CTU 1. Get your bumpmap ready.