Login Create a Profile. While it’s impossible to pick out substandard moments, it’s equally challenging to pick highlights. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. And when Barbot joined the band after their debut LP, he forged an immediate bond with Robbins as second guitarist and vocalist. I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it that Identikit is a veritable treasure-trove of originality, inventive playing and solid-gold songwriting. Still working on it. Generally, it’s the intensity and increasing levels of distortion with which Robbins plays the riff that dictate the changing dynamic of the song, and his choice of notes that maintains the slightly-spooky and sad mood.

burning airlines identikit

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SnackaryBinx January 15th Comments. It’s a darn good album, and one that I’m glad to have had the chance to reappraise. This sense of balance is enhanced by the rhythm section of Mike Harbin bass and Peter Moffett drumswho fulfil their roles perfectly throughout, locking together tightly to form a solid backbone to the music, and ensuring that the turn-on-a-dime changes in rhythm and tempo airlinew off smoothly, as well as effectively countering Robbins’ slightly looser approach to his instrument.

Neither, conversely, does anything sound overdone or crowded. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Login Create a Profile. That said, it remains a solid record, despite not being entirely remarkable. Jazz Latin New Age. Stereotyperider Songs in the Keys of F and U.


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Don’t make the same mistake, as this is a true lost classic, and certainly worth delving into. You have to burnnig logged in to post a comment. Always a bummer, that. Definitely not what I expect but, they’re alright. Streams Videos All Posts.

Burning Airlines – Identikit (DeSoto, Arctic Rodeo) review on Collective Zine

PuddlesPuddles August 13th Comments. On 7 Music Lists. But in all honesty, it’s only Robbins’ familiar voice that the two bands have in common. The first record has the big hits and hooks but this is full package. And when Barbot joined the band after their debut LP, he forged an immediate bond with Robbins as second guitarist and vocalist. Robbins ‘ partner in noise for the prior decade. When the novelty of a new musical discovery has worn off, few records retain that early sense of brilliance; however, those that do are the sort of albums that you can listen to once and feel like it’s been with you since you were first aware of the presence of music in everyday life.

It’s apparent in small flashes throughout the album that all three members have a somewhat virtuosic musical ability, but it’s their restraint that allows their brilliant songwriting to shine through. His guitarwork is similarly varied and impressive, rarely sticking to straight chords for longer than a bar or two at a time and even that’s rare. Just checked ’em out on myspace.

Identikit – Burning Airlines | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Relentlessly personal and emotionally charged to a fault, it’s hard not to find oneself glued to the lyrics sheet, following every last word that leaves his mouth, and drawing all manner of interpretations from them. I can forsee it’s going to be endlessly infuriating for me to post this review knowing I’ve not fully discussed the freakish effects-pedal-buggery or is a keyboard?


In the Red Volume 2. The Surgeon’s House J.

burning airlines identikit

The rhythmic, grinding, Helmet -esque post-hardcore that Airliens dealt in is mostly absent here, and J’s vocal style has gained a certain elasticity, eschewing his old, sometimes rather monotonous tones for a more wide-ranging and melodic delivery, ranging from subdued, low singing to forays into falsetto, and everything in between.

As I mentioned earlier, Burning Airlines’ sound is a strange and varied one, hard to pin down in so few words.

burning airlines identikit

TheGreatFedora December 9th Comments. Burning Airlines live passing complexion, Burning Airlines – live: It’s not quite a Hall without Oates situation, but there’s a significant element missing on Identikit.

Still working on it.

burning airlines identikit

I’ll get back to you on this. It was his tight and jumpy McCartney -style bass that helped make Mission: