Test Cases Statistics Operating Systems: Views Read Edit View history. Instructions on how to do this are in the Installation and Maintenance Guide. Theme by Danetsoft and Danang Probo Sayekti. Testopia allows users to attach bugs to test case run results for centralized management of the software engineering process. Bugzilla is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.

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Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Bug and issue tracking software Cross-platform free software Free project management software Free software programmed in Perl Mozilla Software using the Mozilla license. Testopia From Yocto Project. Usetrace Testopiia Bugzilla testopia Univers. Each Case Run is a link to a Test Case and also contains specific information like how the test case fared in a specific build and environment.

bugzilla testopia Navicat NeoTys Neowise Softwar. If you would like to join this list, either as a company or as bugzilla testopia individual, please use the contact details at the end of this wiki. The response “zarro boogs”, [12] is intended as a buggy statement itself a misspelling of “zero bugs”implying that even when no bugs have been identified, software is still likely to contain bugs that have not yet been identified.

Allows users to login to one tool and uses Bugzilla group permissions to limit access to modifying test objects. As mentioned above, the main goal of Testopia is to involve the community in the bugzilla testopia of the Yocto project. Retrieved from ” https: All you need is a Bugzilla user account.


Larry Wall Randal L. Following are details about the above diagram. In Julyfacing distraction from her other responsibilities in Netscape, Hernandez handed control to Dave Miller, who was still in charge as bugzilla testopia [update].

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Perfecto Mobile Pivotal, Inc. We Are Mammoth Web Performance. Below bugzilla testopia a diagram aimed at showing how Testopia interacts with elements in Bugzilla as well as how the common Bugzilla elements interact with each other and how the Testopia elements interact with eachother. The reason behind the standardized elements is that the communication between Testopia users is limited due to physical distance and timezone difference, because we will be working on the same testing platform and we will be sharing resources and information.

Some projects abandoned by Mozilla that are still maintained by third parties are in bold. bugzilla testopia

Testopia – Software Testing Tools Guide

Using this platform, community members can follow test plans from the QA teams, propose test plans, test cases and bugzilla testopia runs, bigzilla in the testing of features provided bugzilla testopia interest and ultimately develop their own test plans and test cases to run and maintain themselves.

Please note that it does not represent testopiw target build architecture ex: JBoss Developer jClarity Jellly. By design, Bugzilla is programmed to return the string “zarro boogs found” instead of “0 bugs found” when a search for bugs returns no results.


Testopia is a test case management extension for Bugzilla.

Test Management Tool Objectives: Please contact me for any questions, issues, ideas. For a list of programs that can enhance and interact with Bugzilla bugzilla testopia various ways, see our Addons list.

Please note that “be default” does not mean any newly created Test Plan has public read access. Please note that all the following information is presented phrasing the above testopka from left to right example: Following is some information needed to buvzilla community members as well as new dedicated testers in utilizing Testopia in a minimally standardized way.

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It is now easy for multiple people to track a tedtopia bug, without having to have them assigned to custom mailing lists, add attachments to bugs, and so on. What code is in the image? While the potential exists in testopai code to turn Bugzilla into a technical support ticket system bugzilla testopia, task management tool, or project management tool, Bugzilla’s developers have bugzilla testopia to focus on the task of designing a system to track software defects.

Integrates with Bugzilla products, components, versions, and milestones to allow a single management interface for high level objects.