It is bombastic to begin with then the keys take over. I do not really know where to start from,as this album is one of the most balanced releases in progressive rock ever. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. For those who like to find the gems, this one will deliver quality playing and melodic music to your ears and I think you will like it. Certainly the least proggy moment on the album but still enjoyable.

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One has the sense that the group was striving to produce a well-rounded album, rather than stamping out each track with the same stylistic cookie cutter.

The vocals become anthem- like with mellotron to follow. Both issues are to be considered original and were released with an art cover. You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. Piano and calm take over quickly. Poa by Blocco Mentale Imports. In the 90’s two different CD reissues came out almost at the same time on the most important Italian labels of the genre, Vinyl Magic and Mellow.

La Nuova Forza 7: Next track is “Aria e mele” Air and Apples where you can find clear influences of Nice and Gentle Giant and bucolic lyrics Back to that pastoral setting a minute later. Filippo, finally out of his crisis, began playing piano-bar, he played in the TV show “Il tappeto volante” on Tele Montecarlo and collaborated with many artists, but one evening of 15 years ago, while blocco mentale poa to play at Open G in Roma, blocco mentale poa died in a road accident.

While not as brilliant as the most revered bands of the era, BLOCCO MENTALE nevertheless delivered an excellent conceptually themed album with strong catchy hooks and beautiful classically inspired progressive workouts and makes an excellent album to explore once the usual suspects of PFM, Banco, Le Orme, Museo Rosenbach and the other better known bands have been thoroughly blocco mentale poa into your musical world.


POA stands up with my other favorite lesser known gems like Reale Accademia, RRR, and Apoteosi in providing a musical experience that is extremely accessible and yet fulfilling enough for Italian prog fans. We got in touch with Titania through some acquaintances, we had an audition and were signed, but the record company didn’t support us and they made no promotion at all. Me, Aldo and Bernardo decided to carry on, issuing a Q-Disc [a 4-track 12″ album] under the name Bernardo Lafonte, but it was unsuccessful, then as authors we composed a track entitled Ci siamo anche noi, that was used as main theme in Sanremo festival, sung by Astrella D.

The group had some multivocal parts similar to New Trollsas all the members are credited with vocals. A very enjoyable listen. There are rich vocal harmonies blended with organ and flute, and once again a Mediterranean sensibility which distinguishes much of the blocco mentale poa Italian progressive rock.

Blocco Mentale

Trans vita express HERO: Blocco Mentale is one of my favorites, blending superb musicianship, great vocals, enthusiastic flurries of ideas, good sound, and thoughtful arrangements. With a very limited pressing only copies on a small label, despite it being distributed by a major company like DuriumPoa is blocco mentale poa rare and expensive in its original issue.

It came in a deluxe laminated gatefold cover with a small square window on the front, through which a daisy on the inner gatefold picture can be seen. Definitely a shift in feel on this track that offers blocco mentale poa but is not up to the material preceding or following it. The band creates a diversity of moods and currents within their music, moving effortlessly between styles, doing fast changes from a simpler accessible folk styling straight mentake ripping bits of jazz-rock, with intense involvement from all.



Blocco Mentale-Poa Italian prog mini lp cd. Lyrically of course I poaa comment on the quality and I’m happy about that as the vocals are just another color of the sound. And to finish the album, a song called “Verde” which is a short but nice song to finish an album that i have really enjoyed so much, this is kid of a happy ending, a nice soft melody with the traditional italian sound.

A must have for blocco mentale poa serious listener! The harmony vocals here could remind of New Trolls Good sentimental melodies with catchy refrains put this close to proggy pop music but it is so well done it goes down very easily and there is enough care to the instrumental to sell it.

An album to be heard at each 6 months, if ever; the mentioned fair moments blocco mentale poa the splendid cover artwork rescue “Poa” from the poor classification. I migliori artisti e album di Prog italiano scelti dai lettori. The next section has harmonized vocals and a California sounding hippie vibe like they spent the afternoon jamming with Bobby and Pigpen. Excellent vocals after 3 blovco. Also thanks to Gianni Corbari and Alos for pictures and information.

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved.