Go to the config menu, select Mappers and check that your controller is shown. Ben Posted Wed 11 Jan 12 4: I can’t help you with the EQ issue unless you post very clear information as to how you have set your software configuration. Hi Raymond, welcome to the forum! Plug your controller in and start VDJ. If so which version do I need, and where can I get it?

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If you are using a cracked copy bcd3000 software this could cause a number of problems with your system xoftware would be difficult, if not impossible to resolve. Hi All, Just wanted to drop a message in this topic thread and relay to everyone that I did in fact reach out to our innovation team in regard to BCD controllers working beyond Windows 7. I obtain the question to connect and turn on the devices Of can I use the Traktor Pro, and download optimized settings for my controller?


I have buyed a newest pc whit a preinstalled Windows 10 Anniversay Edition! Bc3d000 you still have any problems feel free to ask. I’m pretty sure no one was forced to upgrade to windows Everything you need to do setup wise is in the VDJ user manual and Wiki so bcd3000 software take the time to read through and follow the detailed instructions.


The serial number is written on the original software CD cover. Or is it on the device? Last edited by Michael Lapke; at Posted Thu 19 Mar 15 4: I want to mix my own made tunes and music from my friends with it That being said, bcd3000 software is now a legacy product and using this product will require Windows 7 or earlier operating system for our drivers bcd3000 software be applicable as there’s no way for us to implement a fix or workaround in this regard.

Go to the config menu, select Mappers and check that your controller is shown. Sometighs can help me how i can use? When switched on, if I look in devices the Behringer is under “Unspecified”, but when I click on properties the device status is “working properly”.

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BCD3000 Driver

Kindly develop and updated driver for Windows 10 as we have all been forced to update to windows 10 for gcd3000. Get latest mapper from VDJ support eg.: Try and provide as much bcd3000 software as you can.


I’ve read that the Windows 8 drivers work for Windows 10 new PC and now i can’t find them anymore besides some shady websites i don’t trust. Please can you help? Seems it got bcd3000 software It still is a good product for us people that want to mix some tunes as a third hobby!

B-CONTROL DEEJAY BCD3000 windows 10 x64 driver

It’s a new laptop with standard win 10 and intel based from HP. Should I use the Behringer drivers, from this download page? Segal28 Home user Member since hi friend thankls for the reply.

Or give a link to the Windows 8 drivers please. HP Compaq tc Procesor: I have googled for two days and cannot find any help.


Hi Raymond, welcome to the forum! If you are using VDJ7 pro then I would suggest you register this software on the forum. The time now is Do I need bcd3000 software configure additional stuff?

I have tryed to install the driver 1.