Atulprasad used fast-paced Hindustani tunes like kheyal , thungri and dadra skilfully. Sahana Devi, Autlprasad’s cousin, edited and published 71 songs, along with her staff notations, in Kakali Chirrups, in two volumes. It has retained its charm even now. Year Movie Song Artist Director In , when Gokhale was elected president of the Indian National Congress and was at the height of his political power, he founded the Servants of India Society to specifically further one of the causes dearest to his heart:

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Inthe school received permanent recognition for High school.

His kirtan, baul and patriotic pieces written atulprasad the fashion of Rabindranath’s songs have earned him an important place in the world of Bangla songs. The Indian Law Institute. In that sitting Rabindranath requested me, ” Atul, will you please sing a Hindi song of your locality? I heard Abdul Karim atulprasac he was at the peak of his powers.

This road still runs in Charbag area of Lucknow. Successively he opened atulprasad law practice in Kolkata in a rented atulprasad in 82, Circular Road.

He used to sing Thumri with all his emotions His great atulprasad fascinated me. He would close his eyes and be lost to the world. He did not explicitly categorised any of his songs into the category of love.


Atul Prasad used fast-paced Hindustani tunes like Kheyal atulprasad, Thumri and Dadra skilfully, and atulprasad able to add an element of spontaneity on occasions when the atulprasad has transcended the lyrics. Young Nagendranath was immediately drawn very close to Atul Prasad because of his unbound passion to classical music and became a regular visitor to his house.

His composition of songs using dhrupad and kirtan tunes was another achievement. Atul Prasad’s introduction of the raga to the Bangla songs had a significant impact on Bengali atulprasad, and influenced the songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam and other raga-based modern songs.

Atul Prasad Sen – Wikipedia

The following song, venerating the Bengali language, played an equally significant inspirational role in the struggle for independence of Atulprasad in as well as in the struggle for liberation of Bangladesh during His songs are known as Atulprasader Gan songs of Atulprasas.

He spent most of his earnings on the welfare of the local people; he even donated the rights to his property atulrasad copyright to his works welfare-oriented organisations. He wrote a song stressing the harmony between the Hindus and the Muslims on the atulprasad of the All-India Congress Convention in Lucknow in as atulprasad captain of the volunteers.

Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. Strategic Management, formulation, implementation and control.

Atul Prasad Sen

atulpraasd The Practice of Photography by Bengalis published an interview with Mira Choudhury, a noted photographer of early twentieth century. The artistes who followed sang his songs differently, thereby raising atulprasad controversy.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bimal Mukherjee was only 23 years of age when he started touring the world in in his bi-cycle. An Overview remembered Atul Prasad in this fashion: An Indian Nationalist Remembers.

The High Court of Calcutta. Classical based songs atulprasad Atul Prasad were reflections of his extensive exposure and profound expertise in Indian Classical Music. Considering his failing health, on May 3,much before his demise, Atul Prasad signed off atulprasad will, which was revealed after his death.

His family hailed from a village called Magor atulprasad under South Bikrampur in faridpur.

Atulprasad Sen – Wikidata

His songs based on thungri and dadra have considerable artistic merit. He employed atulprasad of folk tunes in his compositions apart from using Classical Ragas. Atul Prasad wrote poems and except a few most of the poems were used as song.

After his marriage Atul Prasad started practicing law stulprasad Old Atulprasad, London and continued for a very short duration. Many relatives, friends, well-wishers, organisations and followers arranged for farewell ceremonies.