A second session of Musical Adda was held on the 26th of November, at Omni Music, Dhanmondi and this time the invited guest for the music chit-chat was none other than Shayan Chowdhury Arnob. However, a final treat was in the waiting. The album was released in August under the name ‘Arnob and Friends Live-Songs from the World tour ‘ With such an impressive body of work behind, there could not possibly have been a better music personality to be invited to the second session of Star Campus Musical Adda. Seje bose acce by Arnob. Bappa With The Rockers Personally, I have always been inclined to listen to listen to Nazrul’s music because of its rich compositions and Nazrul being a man for all seasons and all cults and creeds of Bengal. So it is not only about singing or playing an instrument, it’s about appreciating music, whether or not you’re a musician.

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Sonar moyna pakhi by Arnob Swapnil saha 2 years ago. Fusion amar har kala by arnob music is nothing new because there is no such thing as an original tune. Star Campus hy Omni books are basically encouraging the bby generation to engage in a monthly get-together and discuss music of different genre and language, an effort to provide them a platform where they can interact with the artists and get to know about their music first hand.

I added- to bring out the passion of the song, i. The passion in art is probably the most important dimension in performance. Arnob-She je boshe ache Sadman Khan 8 years ago. Majhe majhe tobo dekha pai by Arnob JO Y 1 years ago.

Amar Har Kala Arnob search results on SoundCloud – Listen to music

Arnob was also involved with other projects and one of the most successful was ‘Shey Je Boshe Ache’, originally composed and sung by Arnob, but later commercially released by Black. Arnob Hariye Giyechi atai joruri khobor qmar hossain 3 years ago.


The sound connected to the masses irrelevant to which walk of life the listener came from, everyone fell in love with ‘Monpura’ sound tracks, with all the songs staying on the radio top charts for amar har kala by arnob than 6 months. Arnob assured me that he would. Arnob Hra Topic 4 months ago. Oh mere sona re amar har kala korona re arnob mp3 bangla movie amar bondhu rashed free Sona leja re sona bondhu tui amare amar sona bondur by shuvo mp3 free Free o mere sona re teesri manzil free mp3 download oh mere sona re remix mp3 bangla movie amar bondhu rashed free.

JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. Join our facebook group: Arafat Mohsin Master Mixing: One of the best song of Arnob: I personally love Fuad’s Disco Bandor! It is refreshing to see an icon of contemporary music rejuvenate the songs of the old in the new generation.

It was an extremely brave and courageous step for Arnob to shape up the album in such a diversely experimental sound. Arnob-She je boshe ache Sadman Khan 8 years ago.

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Along with the fans in the audience, Nemesis’s vocalist Zohad and Nazia from ‘Arnob and Friends’ sang along with Arnob in a few songs. The evening was a warm experience with Arnob at his humorous best, a heart ama heart interaction on music and a few unforgettable unplugged performances.

Arnob – Ghum Gari new song Subscribe to our channel: Keeping the basics of the songs right, the band changed the musical arrangement of the songs using electric guitars, an extremely crafted bass line, precise percussions and overtly strong vocals.


This channel owner cover songs please click and listen Ei Shohor Amar Movie: It was during this time that Arnob decided to take a step further into his musical career amar har kala by arnob going solo.

Har kala (ukulele version)

At Omnibooks he sang quite a few Tagore songs where his Shantiniketan roots emblazed. Download RadioG and stream thousands of harr Although Arnob sings Lalon’s songs, he never feels he does proper justice because music to the Bauls is amar har kala by arnob way of life and is thus almost impossible to replicate.

He had undergone rigorous training in Rabindra Sangeet for almost all the time that he had spent in Shanti-Niketon as well amar har kala by arnob undergoing a 5 year training in North Indian Classical music, which endowed him with his uncanny sensibility of ‘Raags’ and their different forms and breaks.

What we fail to understand is that Lalon is not just a genre of songs, but rather a lifestyle. Tui Ki Janish Na vabukpagla 8 years ago. Finally the fans in the audience rushed towards Arnob and cameras went ‘click-click’ to get a snap with their favorite artist! In it one could hear the passion of a rural singer and at the amaar time the strumming of the guitar gave out the restlessness of a young person from an urban setting.