Chasing The Black Caped Man. The soundtrack covers a wide variety of musical genres, including rock , techno , orchestral , and choral , [15] although the soundtrack as a whole is primarily orchestral. Link’s Awakening, sequenced and jazzed up by JeffreyAtW. The Castle for Two Pianos. Retrieved from ” https: Auron’s Theme for Two Pianos. To save the MIDI files, right click on the link and choose ‘save target as’.

aerith theme midi

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Only a Plank Between One and Perdition. Theme from Killer Instinct.

aerith theme midi

Eternity Memory Of Lightwaves. Ragnarosen and Fritz Fraundorf. Flowers Blooming in the Church. Destiny Islands for Two Pianos. The soundtracks for each of the titles in the collection are included in an album, starting with the album release of the soundtrack thheme Advent Children that year. Silence And Motion for Two Pianos. That’s the first time this week!

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Aeris’ Theme (GS)

Advent Children First Impressions”. Find Your Way for Two Pianos. Aeris’ Theme Piano Trio.


aerith theme midi

It was Ishimoto’s second major work, after the soundtrack to The World Ends with You ; the only titles he had composed for previously were World Fantasistaa little-known soccer game for which he was a co-composer, and the cell phone game Before Crisis: Sophia Tong of IGN described the album as a “mixed bag”, stating that some of the arrangements and new tracks were “fantastic” while others were “not all that compelling”, and lamented the overuse of a few themes throughout the soundtrack.

FF9, sequenced by JeffreyAtW. Gann liked the newly orchestrated tracks, calling them “incredibly well-done orchestrations”, and said that “depending on how willing you are to spend money” they made the album worth purchasing on their own, although he felt the other tracks offered nothing new to owners of the original soundtrack.

The Midi Shrine peps – Final Fantasy 7 midi files

Both the original tracks and the arrangements cover a variety of musical styles, including orchestral, choral, classical piano, and rock music; Variety noted that the styles vary between “sparse piano noodlings, pop metal hteme and cloying power ballads”.


DigiCube Square Enix reissue. The official English track names were later added to digital releases of the soundtrack. Piano Version of the Ocean Palace Theme. After the launch of the game Crisis Core inWarner Music Midk produced the title’s soundtrack.

Beastie Boys, sequenced by JeffreyAtW. Square Enix Music Online.

Final Fantasy 7 MIDI – Final Fantasy 7 Music on the Playstation 1 Kingdom Hearts Insider

Link’s Awakening, sequenced and jazzed up by JeffreyAtW. Music from the Original Soundtrack has been included in arranged albums and compilations by Square as well as outside groups. Auron’s Theme for Two Pianos. Slave to the Face. Music from Final Fantasy”.

Boss Battle for Two Pianos. Kefka Theme Piano version. Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu”. This page was last edited on 22 Septemberat You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet.