We have lost the treasure due to our delusion. Neither a doer, nor a guardian, Unsulleid and supreme, beyond the seen and the unseen, Ever thinking of the unthinkable, beyond all mention, All attachment abandon, for the joy of divine benediction. Let us say no to anger which makes us feel sorry. He who cannot raise his conscious beyond his body cannot see the truth. They are of no use. Lord Rama is always standing near us.

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Let us also remember him. Let us find him who will remove fear from our mind. His Father who was sinful could not like this. Closely look around you, for the bestower of food, Who by nature seeks only your essential good; Priceless name it is, 205 manache shlok costs you manzche to chant, Tell me, oh dear Mind! He symbolises the truth. He should not abuse others. He is the objective of the penance of Yogis.

They cannot take their disciples to the state of salvation. What exists for the eyes, disappears in time, Whatever formed gets destroyed, nothing does death decline.


He who has wealth can perform rituals shllok give donations. We should do our work systematically and sequentially. We will understand that other living creatures are no different from 205 manache shlok.

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Untruth hold never, falsehood ever abjure, oh Mind! Lord Whlok creates bliss and relieves sorrows. Let us be alert and devoted while working with the people. Speaking other than truth will not lead to happiness. They are themselves heading 205 manache shlok death. Mind’s infatuation with the body overcome By discernment of the essence of existence, The nature of the mind is to be divisive, Till mergence in the essence, march on!

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Dhlok a spoonful of milk thirsted Upamanyu, Beseeched the Lord who gifted him the milky ocean. 205 manache shlok us always be focused and alert. Proud of them, never shall Rama neglect thee. Let us be polite to all. Let us treat others at par with us i.


We cannot just hold it exclusively with us.

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He who works like this is worth for living. In the begining one is concerned about himself. The mind becomes stable only in the association with good people.

Tablets 7 – 7. All beings of this world take birth and lose life. He who remembers Lord Rama while doing penance is relieved of the stress. He mqnache give you happiness and salvation.

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Let us not be lazy. All the pairs of opposites that we experience will come to an end. One who does not have any ego can realise that element.